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I had the delightful experience of being taken to breakfast by one of the authors of Thriftstyle: The Ultimate Bargain Shopper’s Guide to Smart Fashion, Margaret Engel. She thought she was interviewing me… but it felt like we were simply new friends getting to know each other.

Author of Thriftstyle, Peggy Engel, at breakfast with Kate Holmes, author of Too Good to be Threw, in Sarasota FL March 2018

Get Peggy’s book on Amazon by clicking her photo

What a fun book this is! Although consignment and resale shopkeepers might (more…)

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Yummy baked risotto.

Yummy baked risotto. It ain’t traditional, but it’s quick and easy and infinitely variable.

Traditional risotto calls for standing at the stove stirring for at least half an hour.

Which is the last thing (more…)

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There’s nothing worse than working with new hires who JUST DON’T GET your sense of humor. They may be wonderful talented folks, but believe me, your (more…)

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Do you think they’re carrying this “Back to School” theme a bit too far? We all appreciate (more…)

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Get started now on a “perpetual diary” like this… make an (more…)

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If I could treat all my resale friends to a piece of celebratory cake today for International Resale Day, I would! But instead, here’s (more…)

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What more can I say? Except I wish I had (more…)

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