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A community fund!

Beautiful cause, beautiful process to give back… and a beautiful messaging style as well. Kudos to Carousel Kids!

How Carousel Cares Works

I can hear your mental wheels turning right now, thinking about how your business could tailor this idea to suit your community. This is truly “an idea to inspire“. Let me know when you have it up and running: I LOVE to bestow kudos by the hundreds!


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moving out of the dorm: consign-a-lot!If your market area includes kids who live in dorms, student housing, or rentals, and if they’re leaving town, how can you consign or buy outright or receive as donations the stuff they don’t consider worth moving or storing?

Whether it is called Chuck it for Charity (works whether your shop is an NFP thrift or if your consignment shop maintains charity accounts) or Move-out Recycling or Make a Clean Green Break, it’s a great way to

  • get merchandise (you’d be amazed at what college kids don’t want),
  • help the school itself (you can set up a charity account for whatever cause the school has going),
  • teach that generation the values of recycling,
  • introduce them to your shop,
  • save the college Dumpster costs,
  • and avoid filling up the landfill.

What could be more WIN-WIN?

Photo courtesy of Drew Saunders on Flickr

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