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One of our members, Tiffany Taylor, is opening soon and would like some input. Here’s what she posted on the NARTS board:

Where do you see the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising? I know social is huge, but what other channels are working for you? I am biased towards radio because I used to work in it, but the price point is a little steep. Any thoughts and insight would be greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed for opening in the next 30ish days!!”

There were scads of great suggestions from shopkeepers (check them out over in our private Facebook group) and I had some to add as well:

Kate suggests:

I don’t see that you have created (more…)

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A community fund!

Beautiful cause, beautiful process to give back… and a beautiful messaging style as well. Kudos to Carousel Kids!

How Carousel Cares Works

I can hear your mental wheels turning right now, thinking about how your business could tailor this idea to suit your community. This is truly “an idea to inspire“. Let me know when you have it up and running: I LOVE to bestow kudos by the hundreds!


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Animals made of play dough. Would your resale customers like a recipe?I’m a great believer in reminding your browsers, customers, and suppliers about your business as often, in as many places and in as many ways as possible. And one of the best, cheapest, most touchy-feely ways to do this? Give them (more…)

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If your consignment, resale, or thrift shop sells children’s clothing, you KNOW what a season-maker B-T-S can be. So with the help of (more…)

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I went out this morning to mail my TGtbT.com orders, and encountered (more…)

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