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Did you see this Pinterest pin a few days back (more…)

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Who’s your customer? Everyone?

What do they want from your resale shop? Everything?


Watch as (more…)

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Check out not just the news story, but the video for Twice that headlines this article.

TGtbT.com thinks all ways of "passing it on" whether consignment, buy-outright, or charitable thrift,  are great!While Twice is just another player in the fast-growing field of “ship it to us” resale vendors on the Internet, what I find most interesting is

how the word “consignment” is now a POSITIVE

word, rather than a negative. Witness how (more…)

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I couldn’t help but notice that

Every. Single. Store.

in the mall, yesterday, had big bright signage of 40-80% off most everything in their stores. Couldn’t help but notice, either, that smart shoppers are (more…)

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Do you recommend nearby consignment, resale and thrift shops?

Helping shoppers you can’t help today, builds your business tomorrow.

Many consignment, resale and thrifts recommend their peers to shoppers. Some do it verbally, some carry their peers’ business cards, some use group or even self-made brochures listing resale shops.

Some use (more…)

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I’m like any other customers of yours. I often can’t remember the name of a shop that I want to recommend to a friend. Which means all the good will built up during my visit gets lost before it becomes profit-building word of mouth.

Make sure that never happens in your consignment or resale shop. Ideally, you’ll have chatted with everyone who comes in and be able to comfortably offer your card, “here, take our card to remember us by. See you again soon!”

Yes, business cards work well. But what else can you add?

If you sell (more…)

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One of the biggest changes in how people shop is the Internet. But maybe not the way you think.

Sure, you can comparison shop all over the world, you can see what’s available in far-flung markets, and you can even find a bricks-&-mortar shop that’s to your liking, but the biggest change that all our inter-connectivity has wrought?

Opinions. Reviews. Actual people talking about some place you’re interested in.

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you (more…)

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