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Don't send out emails that don't SELL your consignment, resale or thrift shopThat would be your broadcast email. It can work wonders, getting folks in to shop. But so many shops don’t promote this wonderful customer benefit as much as they could.

Do you hesitate to ask customers in person, face-to-face, to join your shop’s e-mail list?

Would you like a template for a script you (and your staff!) can use? Here’s one.

Or you could have a prize drawing with winner(s) announced via email. Or get their email when you make customers a valued member of your FBC rewards program. Or bribe ’em: send them a coupon as their first email from you.

And, BTW, are you a proud recipient of Too Good to be Threw’s email? All sorts of news, resources, sometimes even a special offer for shopkeepers.  Join here. If you don’t find our emails useful, you can unsubscribe any time. But we’re guessing you’ll love ’em.




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There’s a zillion reasons any consignment, resale or thrift shop needs an active, attractive web site.

Invite potential customers into your consignment shop via email.Shops that rely solely on (more…)

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Holiday email tips at AuntieKate.wordpress.comWho knows better how to use email than the very companies that sell email services? Here’s a quick idea of what your consignment or resale shop can learn from these companies about getting customers into your shop in November and December:

First, the things you and your staff can do:

Build your mailing list: “Your employees can (more…)

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This ever happen to you? Can't think of somethign to send to your consignment shop fans? Auntie Kate found 30 answers!

You know you want to send a broadcast email out to your consignment or resale clientele.



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Clever coupon idea from a consignment shopNow here’s not only a clever coupon for your resale shop… it’s the ideal way to

get your e-mail list folks actually opening and reading your broadcast email.

The end of this newsletter, full of great photos of incoming merchandise, jewelry selection, and special handbags, was a coupon saying:

15 % Off Any Item Pictured in this Newsletter
(Items subject to prior sale/ Offer expires [date])

Our thanks to Classic Collections in Palm Beach FL for this terrific idea. You remember her shop from the NARTS Bus Tour a few years back… the one with the $35,000 handbag (resale price!)


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The days of the “old fashioned”, long winded chatty newsletter are gone! Now-a-days people want something relevant for them and quick, quick, quick to take a peek at and move onto the next email.

Consignment shop e-newsletter

Yes, this is an actual consignment shop e-newsletter.

Found (more…)

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Take a look at this (more…)

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