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Found in the field (at Bon Bon Vintage, Sarasota):

Polite signage in a resale shop, found by Auntie Kate of TGtbT.blog

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Every shop that sells furniture knows how hard it is to sell coffee tables, right?

Well, not if you do a little suggestive selling!

Try these ideas printed out and placed in an easel around the shop… and see if those coffee tables get snatched up quick!

HowToConsign.com sees a consignment store or thrift shop coffee table as a kids’ play table with some simple “roads”… and even parking spaces!

Chalkboard paint turns a consignment shop coffee table into a kids’ play table. We suggest cutting a hole to insert a chalk bowl into… but that’s just a frill 😉




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Guys, I tried, I really did.

I was contacted by Real Simple magazine re an article they wanted on buying and selling resale furniture online. (It’s on pages 87-90 in the August issue.)

treasure chest island arrangementI gave them ALL SORTS of reasons to look local, real-life, bricks-and-mortar first. But alas, I was left on the cutting-room floor*.

Not one to waste brain cells, I thought I’d share my reasons to shop real-life first, in case you could use them.

Kate’s Reasons Why You Should Shop In-Person, In Real Life, for Gently-used Furniture

  • Well, the obvious first reason: ’cause you can see and smell it in real life. Computer monitors don’t show colors accurately and they haven’t perfected Smell-o-Vision yet. Who wants pumpkin when they thought it was coral?
  • Touchy-feely is the way to go: Does the finish feel good? The upholstery feel sturdy? Is it weighty or flimsy? Cab you wiggle it to see if it wobbles? Can’t do that on a screen or monitor.
  • Flip it over. Stained? Dust cover ripped or even non-existent? Is the little brass stud on the bottom missing… or replaced with a bottle cap?
  • See it up next to other pieces that might inspire you. Resale furniture stores showcase goods in vignettes which might inspire you (or heck, you may like that armchair over there, better!)
  • Have a shopping experience. I’ve known folks to make fast friends in resale shops, to decide to totally redo the den when they ere looking for a kitchen table to start, and to pick up the Best Ever Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce recipe. Not to mention, get bystander opinions, which I have always found helpful.
  • Know who you’re dealing with. Have recourse if needed. Not dealing with strangers, who may be fly-by-night or even less than savory, online.
  • Delivery? It’s cheaper to hire a local company, or even a guy with a pick-up, than shipping something from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Not to mention much more eco-friendly.
  • The usual: Shop Local to keep your local economy going. Support your neighbors. Keep downtown alive.

For more resale furniture/ home decor ideas and suggestions, visit TGtbT.com.

* For digital natives, “The term cutting room floor is used in the film industry as a figure of speech referring to unused footage not included in the finished film. Outside of the film industry, it may refer to any creative work unused in the final product.” — Wikipedia


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Taking down the decor in your consignment or resale shop? Don’t be TOO ready to store everything away! Here’s how to


use those twinkle lights year-round.

Twinkle lights under the swing-shop skirted table

Stringing twinkle lights under a skirted table will highlight items in your swing shop.


Make a window backdrop with twinkle lights in your consignment shop

A screen as a backdrop in your resale shop display windows? Eye-catching!


Twinkle lights in Mason jars would make a terrific "camping" display this summer says Kate Holmes of Too Good to be Threw

Don’t these lights in Mason jars make you think of catching fireflies? A great accent to your display windows this summer!


These ideas (and thousands more!)  are on the TGtbT Pinterest Boards which you can follow.


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Lots of consignment and resale shopkeepers would love to touch up their merchandise photos before they post them on social media, but don’t because they’re busy and it seems overwhelming to work with photo-editing software.

So I did an example or two while chowing down on a curry chicken wrap (yum). Got this entire process done before half the sandwich was eaten.

Note: You don’t have to be eating to do this.

I started out with this photo of a dining room set from a resale shop. Nice photo, but all that stuff in the background is distracting:

Mid-century dining room furniture in a consignment or resale shop on TGtbT.com's blog.

Here’s the background, softened up a bit.

Blurring the background makes this resale shop's merchandise show up so much better, says TGtbT.com

I just saved the photo, then blurred it again, to show another effect.

Turn a cluttered background into a subtle watercolor effect on AuntieKate.wordpress.com

How did I do this so easily and quickly? Thanks to this Youtube video and Laura Buzzell! First, I used Picmonkey‘s Effects tool to soften the entire photo, then painted over the furniture to, in effect, remove the softening as needed. It’s a subtle effect, so even though I was guiding my mouse and munching at the same time, it turned out perfectly acceptable for a short-term photo, don’t you think?

To answer a question a shop posed on a closed discussion group about making her already-white background crisper and, well, whiter, I found this user’s trick to lighten up a background.  My example is much busier, of course, than a imperfectly-white background, but it shows how much difference you can make.

Original photo:

In 1975, these were the fashions my consignment shop was selling!

“Blush-boosted” result. Not perfect, but my sandwich was down to the last bite.:

Washing out a background with picmonkey's blush boost touch-up set to white.

(Wondering why I chose that specific 1975 fashion photo? ‘Cause soon, the consignment shop I founded in 1975 will be having its 40th anniversary! Those were the types of styles I was looking for, back then 🙂 )

(Many thanks to the shop whose dining room set photo I used to illustrate this post. I’m sorry, I neglected to note your shop when I saved it. If it’s you, please let us know in the comments!)


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I find TV set decor fascinating, and I’m guessing that if you have a home-furnishings consignment or resale shop, you and your customers do too.

Here’s an in-depth article on the design choices made for the TV series The Good Wife.Set design for Justified

Prefer Justified? Maybe Castle? Me too.

Actually, the whole site of Set Decorators is fascinating. Even if, like my honey, all you know about furniture is whether the couch’s comfy enough for a catnap.

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The Resaler's Guide to Furniture & Home Goods

Sell more, to more people, more easily with this Resaler’s Guide

Ideally, the household items brought into your store are in perfect shape and ready to sell.

But we have all seen some great items that could use a little loving care to make them worth much more. With these quick cleanup tips, you can make more (more…)

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