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This video maker’s fun… but at over $250 a year, kinda pricey for me… maybe not for you?

Click to see our International Resale Day creation!

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Happy International Resale Day!

Here’s hoping you have a great promotion in your shop today (or sometime this week… just make your headline “Happy International Resale Week”!)

Oops, did the time just get away from you? Here’s (more…)

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If I could treat all my resale friends to a piece of celebratory cake today for International Resale Day, I would! But instead, here’s (more…)

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International Resale Week, especially designed to call attention to consignment, resale and thrift shops, is July 13-21 this year: That’s TWO weekends this time around: TWICE the opportunity to do something great to turn the J month of July into a great excuse for shopping! Resale makes my heart RACE!

Here’s just one idea that’s easy to pull together and should merit some media attention with a nudge or two from participating shops:

I’ve seen shops who gave out “shopping passes”… little passports with a shop per page. If they had at least X shops stamp that they visited over a time period, they left their passport at the last shop… then all were put in a drawing for GCs.

Here’s some ideas I urged resale shopkeepers to start thinking about in August for… International Resale Day 2010. And what I did to celebrate International Resale Day in 2011 (we’re now past 10,000 comments!)

I hereby give any of you permission, whether or not you have chosen to add your shop to the HTC Resale Directory, to use this graphic for any of your shop promotions, at any time of year, but of course, the line in red, HowToConsign.com must remain. You may NOT remove that line and use my graphic, or I will personally see to it that the Resale Gods frown upon your meager, measly soul. I do need to know where you’ve used it, though, so let me know via email.

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Resale makes my Heart RaceIn honor of International Resale Week (July 18-23),

we’ve started a new (more…)

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are you a boring consignment shop?Are you run of the mill?

Boring? Blah?

Forgettable? Yawn-inducing?

Is your business drowning in the Sea of Sameness? Promise me you’ll do a little shakerattleandrollin‘ before International Resale Day, (more…)

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Did you miss it? Fair Trade Consignment in Peoria AZ didn’t.

Here’s the postcard Kim used…great design. Putting those snippets of “call to action” in the Earth rays is a great idea!

International Resale Day is July 18 every year. A date specifically chosen so that each resale, consignment, or thrift store can focus on (more…)

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