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What do you think of when you think “aisles”?

Definition: A passage between shelves of goods. A longitudinal division of an interior area. A long narrow gap that people can walk along. “There is no sitting allowed in the aisle.”

In other words, some pretty (more…)

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Resale, consignment, thrift jeans: Better by FAR!!!!It was bad enough when women’s jeans were sized in junior or missy sizes.

But adding the waist measurement, as they did a few years back? Madness.

Not to mentionthe variety of fit between manufacturers. And we ALL know that of all clothing, fit is the most important in denim. And that of all gently-used things to buy… jeans are the BEST.

So how’s a resale shopkeeper supposed to size her racks?

Jeans size markers at Found in CanadaDare you sort your sizing by XS/S/M/L/XL? I would, but some shopkeepers get intimidated by shoppers with “size prejudice”… you know, those customers who insist they are always a 00 and are offended that you include 0 in your XS section.

If that’s an issue with your staff you might want to do as Karin Smith of Found in Canada does: get out your Sharpie and make yourself some “equivalent” markers, so at least you can put the waist/size under one marker.

Need some size charts?

Here’s Miss Me.

And Gap.

And Levis.

EVERYone's confused!

EVERYone’s confused. And all they want is a pair or 3 of jeans that make them look fabulous…


It might be wise… or at least sophisticated… to have a framed equivalency chart for European sizing as well.


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3 reasons YOU need a swing shop:

1- You can focus attention on specific categories or styles to keep them moving

2- A swing shop keeps 


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One of the most fun parts of NARTS Conference is always the Resale Bus Tour, where we descend en masse at willing NARTS member shops, poking into back rooms, eating cupcakes, asking questions and shopping!

Come sit on my shoulder while


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Wise words from a legendary retailer to us consignment and resale shopkeepersYou know how I am always telling you to add value, not cut prices? Turns out Mr. Selfridge (more…)

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What elegant is, from www.TGtbT.blogThe statistics are endless: half of American women wear size 16 or above; the average dress size is 14; 45% of adult women are at least 30 pounds overweight.

So, are you getting your share of that business?

Whether your shop (more…)

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Look closely at this photo. Pretty good disguise, huh?

This shop built a wall, creating much-needed storage space, without a carpenter and without cost. Simply by (more…)

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