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If you’re planning your October promotions, it’s a great month for two things: Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness. Or, as this delightful pumpkin decor suggests, you could combine the two!

Suggestions re Halloween:

Why it’s the most important holiday for resalers

Promote pre-cycling by putting together some of these ideas from your stock  for a whole RACK of eco-friendly costumes. You’re welcome to print this HowToConsign booklet out to have in your shop for customers to read!

Learn to make both Halloween and Christmas money-making seasons in your business

Suggestions re Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

See if you can schedule the mobile mammogram unit in your parking lot. There may be a lot of demand that month, though, so be prepared for some sort of Plan B to benefit your clientele and the less-fortunate in your community.

Bling your Bra is fun, but you need to start working on it now. You can award a prize by getting your customers to vote on their favorites, charging $1 a vote to go to your choice of cancer charity. The winner(s) get shop gift certificates. Google for how others have organized their events fr some great ideas you can adapt.

Collecting bras for the homeless is a simple, reputation-enhancing event. And believe it or not, bras are one of the most-requested clothing items at shelters. Talk to local homeless charities about being a collecting point and find out how they can help you publicize that.



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Loving all the freshly-minted live videos so many front-runner consignment and resale shops are popping up with!

Fun to watch and shop with. Brave pioneers, I salute you. Here’s my wishlist for the second generation of this concept as owners and managers see what a great and fun way it is to sell this way!

Tips for producing a wonderful live FB selling video* Make sure we can hear you. More on this here.

* Don’t make your viewer seasick. Even the steadiest hand in your shop will quiver after a while. Use a tripod.

* Repeat repeat repeat. Item number? Price? Beginning and end of item presentation .
* Repeat HOW to buy and shop name as often as you can without being obnoxious (Even better: Create a backdrop for your “set” with this info. Or print up a poster for an easel next to the presenter.)
* Cue cards: If you are getting serious, make cue cards a third person can hold up off camera so the presenter doesn’t skip a great selling point. Like this maybe:
 Burberry trench, size 6, $239, item #34
* Perfect neutral color “Biscuit”
* Perfect 3/4 length: no catch in car door
* Zip lining for 3 season    
* Signature plaid
* Buckle belt or tie for casual flair
Burberry trench, size 6, $239, item #34
Keep your naturalness and spontaneity. We trust a “real” person more than a rigid news-reader type presentation. But be aware that some folks will be hearing your name, location and how to participate for the first time even if it’s 10 minutes into your video, so speak clearly.
Let folks know what’s coming up next time, and, if applicable, that there are a few items left from last live session, and tell them where they can see all your online offerings (better yet, have the URL on a card you can grab at the end of your video.) Sign off with a well-spoken reminder of who, where, when your shop is open! And of course a thank-you and a reminder that:
Thanks for watching MyShop’s live feed of this week’s E-Shopping Spree!
Get first choice on our group at [URL]
And remember, we have shown you a tiny fraction of the thousands of great items waiting for you at MyShop!
MyShop is located at […] and we’re open […]
Our next E-Shopping Spree will be on [day] [date] at [time] and we’ll be featuring [whatever!]
So join MyShop at [URL] and grab that stunning item before someone else does!


Lots more questions, so I hope some of our pioneering peers will answer in the comments below. Linking to other social media? Bookkeeping tips? What sells best? Can I rerun a live video that evening? Can I create this video offline then run as a regular video? Hope that some of you will share your experiences for other resale shopkeepers below! Feel free to add your URL to your helpful comments so we can shop with you, too!

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Resale promo ideas to keep you from being an April Fool!Well, tomorrow’s April Fools Day, and you’d be a fool not to have a few promotions scheduled for the upcoming month. Some ideas:

The first week is National (more…)

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Take a moment and think about what’s coming up in February. And how your shop could use these wacky “national days” to tickle the fancy of your current… and potential!… clientele. Here’s some I’ve chosen at random, and a thought or two on each to get your imagination going to

design a promotional event for your shop!

Feb 1 Wednesday Work Naked Day: Your email, blog post, social media message could be: If you’re not allowed to work naked, the next best (more…)

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January is National Oatmeal Month! TGtbT.com's Auntie Kate tells you how to use this in your consignment or resale shopWho can resist the fact that January is Oatmeal Month?

The perfect month for something cozy.

And the perfect month for giving your customers an additional reason to get out of the house and into your consignment or resale shop. Not to mention some word-of-mouth (oatmeal, get it? Word of mouth? Ha. I’m so funny.)

You could give away packets of oatmeal, do a spectacular window of oatmeal-hued furnishings (complete with an accent of colorful oatmeal bowls all over!) or clothing, run ads saying that shopping resale’s like the blueberries/ raisins in your oatmeal… even just make up a little booklet of oatmeal recipes and remedies as a giveaway, branded with your shop name.

And if we can do all THAT just with oatmeal, imagine all the fun we’d have with other holidays.

Find some that tickle your taste buds and add them to your yearly promotional calendar:


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An open love letter from Auntie Kate to all consignment & resale shopkeepers:

KISS your electronic messages.Dear Friends,

Recently, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in social media posts, and even emails, from a variety of shops. And what’s that, you ask of me?

You’re complicating things.

I see (more…)

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Consignment promotion calendarThe best part of a new year, to me, is that fresh, crisp, BLANK calendar. I can’t wait to fill it with family birthdays, anniversaries, outings… and, in the case of my business calendar, the wonderful promotional events I will present to my customers. And those folks who are just dying to BE my customers.

A promotional event is any special happening that is not a normal part of daily business. It could be as simple as an anniversary celebration with refreshments and decorations, or as elaborate as an invitation-only after-hours seminar with speakers, special offerings, and discounts.  — Resale’s Best Promotions, page 5

So grab your calendar and come along with me….

First, mark the “real” holidays, those events that will already be on your target market’s minds. Here’s a nice list to use. Pay close attention to the all-important Monday holidays since you might ant a little something extra on those days.

PS That same link, has “national food holidays”, which would be great, you think, if you ran a restaurant. True, but hey! Who says you can’t promote “Free Gum Drops with every purchase” on February 15, National Gum Drop Day, or offer, “Free, just stop in” peanut butter recipes in a shop-branded brochure during the whole month of November, AKA National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month?

Next, skim through some odd holidays and pencil in on your calendar the ones that might tickle your town’s fancy. Take a look at:

Resale's BEST Promotions from TGtbT.comNow mull over which holidays will make the final cut in your shop. Things to consider? Whether it’s a theme that appeals to you, will be fun for your target customer, and whether it falls at a time of year when you NEED a gimmick. Remember, you can just use that odd day to take a quick shot of some relevant merchandise in your shop (green home decor items for National Pistachio Day or serape striped shirts for Cinco de Maio) to post on social media, without planning anything special in the shop. For other ideas, you might want to go all out.

If you can create a newsworthy happening and get the media there, the publicity will increase public awareness of your event. Be imaginative: for your Evening at the Symphony fundraiser, send out a strolling violinist to serenade the shopping center’s crowds the day
before your event, with a staffer dressed in evening clothes handing out fliers. — Page 25

Next, count backwards to get your time line for decorating, promoting and so on. Check the worksheets in Resale’s BEST Promotions to stay organized.

And don’t forget the after-event promotions that will create wide-spread attention to your shop and drive social media year-round. Find ideas for this in our PDQ.

Happy Whatever Today Is to you!


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