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An open love letter from Auntie Kate to all consignment & resale shopkeepers:

KISS your electronic messages.Dear Friends,

Recently, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in social media posts, and even emails, from a variety of shops. And what’s that, you ask of me?

You’re complicating things.

I see (more…)

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Consignment promotion calendarThe best part of a new year, to me, is that fresh, crisp, BLANK calendar. I can’t wait to fill it with family birthdays, anniversaries, outings… and, in the case of my business calendar, the wonderful promotional events I will present to my customers. And those folks who are just dying to BE my customers.

A promotional event is any special happening that is not a normal part of daily business. It could be as simple as an anniversary celebration with refreshments and decorations, or as elaborate as an invitation-only after-hours seminar with speakers, special offerings, and discounts.  — Resale’s Best Promotions, page 5

So grab your calendar and come along with me….

First, mark (more…)

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Do you have occasion to use email sign-up slips, entry forms for a contest, or registrations for a door prize? How do you keep (more…)

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Kate helps consignment, resale, and thrift shops succeed

No, Kate’s not a Galactic Roller Derby Queen. Alas.

There’s 2 things that consignment, resale, and thrift shopkeepers know about me (just in case you don’t know me, click here)

One, I insist price tags with printed markdowns are detrimental to your long-range business profit

and Two, I always warn that across-the-board shop-wide markdowns are quite iffy.

But there’s one thing that you may not associate with me, and that’s that

I  want even those who ignore my advice to succeed.

And I know, sometimes A: Your shop is simply TOO FULL; B: You might need to goose shoppers to get them buying; and C: It might be fun to reward your shoppers with an unexpected savings event. Therefore, I wanted to share this idea from a consignment peer.

If you need a markdown gimmick, try Take the Next Markdown on the tickets.

Use it as a same-day incentive on your social media, or announce it late Friday evening for the weekend. Another way to use this idea? As a coupon/ reward voucher “good for the Next Markdown on the ticket, limit 4 items”. *

Would this work for you? It would? You mean you’re actually listening to Auntie Kate for a change? Cooool.

Kudos to Jarred’s Homegoods/ Treasure Brokers for letting me know about this approach.

*Why that “limit 4 items”? You’d be amazed how many folks will actually BUY 4 items when they get a voucher/ coupon like that… and if it didn’t say that, they’d stop at one.


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Everyone loves instant gratification! And a bit of “gambling” fun as well.

A scratch-off card, offering a prize (or not) to your shoppers, is a memorable way to have a promotion in your shop. But most of the scratch-off cards you can order are pretty cheesy.

After all, you want a card that ties in with your branding, not one that looks like it was bought at the local convenience store.

That’s why I’ve hunted up a make-your-own-scratch-cards tutorial.

As you’re thinking about the prizes you might offer, remember this absolutely-essential point. EVERYONE must be a winner (my tutorial on how you manage THAT is here.)

And one more possibility: since you put your heart-and-soul into handcrafting these cards, motivate people to hang on to them to remember how much fun it was to shop in your store. You could do this by printing on your cards: Return this for [a discount, a free gift, something!] between [a soon-coming-up date range of 10 or 14 days]

More help with this idea: Teachmama suggests this idea could be a good Christmas stocking stuffer (holiday gift to include in your business holiday greeting cards mailed to your top customers?) and even offers some design ideas for your card.


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Okay, it’s true. Your customers are loathe to buy unless they feel they’re getting a deal.

Consumers have been trained into the wait-for-a-discount mode by years of retailers doing nothing, marketing-wise, to increase value, simply relying on price cuts to motivate the opening of wallets. They have even “fooled” the public by overpricing in order to be able to “cut” prices.

So how can you give (more…)

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One of my favorite bumper stickers is “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” So true! And most of us don’t get the opportunity to thank teachers nearly enough.

Well, enough of that. Here’s a quick, easy, and heart-warming way to extend a helping hand to all those hard-working folks, and to show them that shopping resale adds up!


A consignment, resale, and thrift shop promotion saluting teachers.

For hundreds more promotional ideas and tips especially for the resale industry, click the pic.

Creating a graphic like this (I used picmonkey.com), to use on your web site, blog, social media channels, and to print as in-store signs, posters, and window messages, takes only a few minutes. (Naturally, you’ll add your shop logo and info to your creation.)

Add in some time to go buy a gift certificate to your local school supply shop (who might even give you a sizable discount in exchange for a sponsorship!) , and you have an almost-instant news-worthy event.

Consider this your homework tonight!

For more tips and specific ways to make your promotion continue to earn your business fame and fortune beyond the event, read your copy of Resale’s BEST Promotions from the Too Good to be Threw Products for the Professional Resaler.


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