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Resale shop coupon in Welcome Baby Basket at TGtbT.comJudy asked: I have just contacted our community’s chamber of commerce with the idea of including a $5 Gift Certificate to my store for the “Welcome Baskets” which are given to Moms in our hospital –about 25 baskets every couple of weeks.

Does this make sense as a


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Vernalagnia: A romantic mood brought on by Spring. Infect your shoppers.

Some ideas from the treasury of inspiration (more…)

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The average person spends 51 seconds reading an email newsletter. And with the normal person reading at a rate of 200 wpm, that 51 seconds equates to them reading about 170 words.

What can you say in 170 words?

Well, you’d better include (more…)

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Cabin fever is real…

and requires immediate attention!

Your shoppers and suppliers are as sick of the weather as you and your bank account are. They want to (more…)

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Gathering up your consignment shop figures: PayPalIf you, like me, are starting to collect up all those facts and figures for your tax filing, here’s a simple way to get the annual totals of the amounts you collected, refunds you sent, and payment fees from your interactions with PayPal.

Bookmark this! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find on PP (could it be they’re afraid you’ll freak?) and it’s


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Slay your competition with these 5 hacks for consignment, resale, and thrift shops, to make your consignment shop be

your marketplace’s FIRST CHOICE for secondhand:

1- Don’t let your shop not be seen for the forest.

Competition is good for all businesses but especially for consignment, thrift and resale shops.

Click to read how very simple this truly is.

2- How you price affects how you sell.

Pricing is an art. One you can learn.

How you price affects whether you succeed. Click for the most-requested Product for the Professional Resaler.

3- Stand out from the Crowd

Make sure your consignment shop stands out from the rest, says Auntie Kate of TGtbT.com

Don’t bore them. Delight them. EVERY day. Make your shop SIZZLE! Click for resale-friendly advice.

4- Do something DIFFERENT and EASIER (for you and your shoppers!) :

The Bag Sale That Isn't, a blog post from TGtbT.blog

Click to read “The Bag Sale That Isn’t”

5- And finally, let THIS be your guiding light:

Resources to help you use these hacks:

The MoneyWise Guide to Accepting & Pricing for Resale.

10 Tactics to make your Shop Sizzle.

Pinterest: The Business of Consignment, Running a Resale Shop, Thrift Store How-tos

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Facebook Live Voideos backwards? TGtbT.com tells you how to flip!

If there’s even more you’re confused about in the resale industry, you need to click on the pic and grab all of TGtbT.com’s info!

If you’re flipping out over your Facebook Live videos being backwards, here’s how to correct that!

Or rather, here’s LOTS of ways… try them all and see (more…)

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