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One of my favorite bumper stickers is “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” So true! And most of us don’t get the opportunity to thank teachers nearly enough.

Well, enough of that. Here’s a quick, easy, and heart-warming way to extend a helping hand to all those hard-working folks, and to show them that shopping resale adds up!


A consignment, resale, and thrift shop promotion saluting teachers.

For hundreds more promotional ideas and tips especially for the resale industry, click the pic.

Creating a graphic like this (I used picmonkey.com), to use on your web site, blog, social media channels, and to print as in-store signs, posters, and window messages, takes only a few minutes. (Naturally, you’ll add your shop logo and info to your creation.)

Add in some time to go buy a gift certificate to your local school supply shop (who might even give you a sizable discount in exchange for a sponsorship!) , and you have an almost-instant news-worthy event.

Consider this your homework tonight!

For more tips and specific ways to make your promotion continue to earn your business fame and fortune beyond the event, read your copy of Resale’s BEST Promotions from the Too Good to be Threw Products for the Professional Resaler.


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An excerpt from How to Switch Seasons Easily & Profitably PLUS Pakaways: More Freedom, More Profit , a Too Good to be Threw Product for the Professional Resaler in PDF form, available in the TGtbT.com Shop:

How to Swich Seasons Easily & Profitably, a TGtbT.com Product for the Professional Resaler from Kate HolmesGetting the New Season’s Goods in, IN Good Time!

The trick, if you’re a consignment shop, is getting the new season goods in at the beginning of the season. Consignors don’t think of their items on the same timetable as retail sells them, so you will have to

use every marketing tool you have to be able to switch seasons profitably.

All of the below applies to buy-outright shops, and even to donation-only shops, assuming of course that you have kept contact information for your suppliers.

• Have you designed a postcard to consignors, stating the consignor BENEFIT of getting their items in NOW? This type of postcard can be readied for mailing during any slow selling periods and simply put aside until the right time to send them out.
• Is there a line on your consignor receipt/ clothes list re when to bring fall in?
• And why it’ll make them more $$ to bring it in at the BEGINNING of the season instead of later? . . .

Get more tips in the PDQ, a PDF file you get Pretty Darn Quick from Kate in your email!

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Do a customer survey to improve your consignment, resale or thrift shopLooking to find out what your customers… and perhaps even their friends… think about your shop, or would like to see you offer or change?

A properly-written, disseminated,  and interpreted online (and/or in-store!) survey (more…)

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Yes, I know that you’ve heard that statement too many times.

Most often voiced by consignors or suppliers who want you to accept the moth-eaten Villager wool suit from 1979, or non-profit volunteer pricers who insist the beribboned goose cookie jar is worth at least $15…. but.

some things are classics.TGtbT.com loves fish bowls filled with business cards

Take the fishbowl, for example.

Or rather, the fishbowl technique of involving your clientele in your business.

It’s a classic because it works.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen it in restaurants, on deli counters, maybe even at your dry cleaner’s.

Put your business card in the bowl, and every week we draw a winner for a free lunch!

Do you do this in your shop? You could have a weekly or monthly drawing for a store “Shopping Spree” of whatever amount you think will motivate your clientele. It’s a great way to involve and delight your customers, to encourage frequent visits and to build your mailing list at the same time. Go one step further, though, to set your customer service above the dreaded “Sea of Sameness”, and supply “blank business cards”… really, just appropriately-sized card stock entry forms… for those of your customers who don’t carry business cards with them.

Announce your weekly or monthly winner on your blog or Facebook Page, after a day or two’s teaser messages such as Dropped your card in our fish bowl this week? Come in by Friday… we’ll choose the Big Winner on Saturday at 11.

Make the drawing more WOM-worthy by telling them, if you like, that if the winner is actually in the store at drawing time, they get their prize doubled. Another worthy thought: let everyone know that all entries, all year long, will be in a Grand Prize Drawing on Thanksgiving weekend.

Need 10 Simple Low- or No-Cost Ways to make $10,000 more a year? Get it here, Pretty Darn Quick.

Do you have an ongoing fish bowl drawing?

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Ideas grow when you take a look at similar businessesOne thing about the Internet…you can tap into some of the most brilliant minds in the world from the comfort of your keyboard. And it’s especially rewarding when you

look at a business which has some traits in common with yours, but is a few degrees different,

because you get to become a consumer again, and look at the concept through fresh eyes.

Take this one for example: it’s a “seasonal sale” of sorts. But not a kidswear consignment sale full of clothes and gear, not even one of the many growing adult resale events, no, this is a sale of previously-enjoyed….event props. It’s called The ReEvent. (Update: site now kaput. You’ll have to imagine it.)

First, the web site itself. What can we learn?

  • The clean appeal of the uncluttered home page. The crisp white background and the collage of elements all in green is as far from “musty dusty” as possible.
  • A single line that motivates, and sums up the event: Feel good being GREEN while saving some GREEN.
  • Mailing list sign-up which is so much more: It’s an invitation; it’s an “RSVP” as they call it, which predisposes you to mark the event on your personal calendar; it’s the first page you come to on the menu; and it’s got a poll right there that is customer research and motivational at the same time (brilliant!) which, since it seems to be part of the sign-up process, is less likely to be skipped.

Next, the event and how it’s presented to their prospective consignors, shoppers, and vendors.

  • Cute names for 2 consecutive evening demos: All Things Green ~ All Things Bling
  • Contest: First, they enter online. Then everyone votes online. THEN the finalists are voted on at the event. Not sure how all of this works, but the whole contest is angled to get attention and audience participation and bodies to the event itself.

But…if you’ve been following me through the web site: just what is this event? A seasonal consignment sale for everything from wedding attire to cameras and chafing dishes, seashells and bolts of ribbon? A vendor event aimed at presenting event planners and suppliers to the public? A bridal fair?

Could be all of the above…wouldn’t you love to see how it all turns out?

(and BTW, if you’re near Overland Park KS, could be a great place to pick up some display props!)


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